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Welcome to International Business Alliance


International Business (IBA) is a rapidly global business development company based in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. IBA works with multinational companies and government agencies in several international countries to: promote, distribute, and market exclusively one of a kind 100% naturally chelated and ionic trace minerals rejuvenator under the brand names Excelerite™ and Micro-Excelerite™.


What is Excelerite™

Excelerite™ is essentially a calcium Montmorillonite Clay product contains over 78 vitally chelated and ionic trace minerals that are essential for an optimum plant, animal, and human health. Excelerite™ has over 60 years of positive use results and thousand of positive anecdotal testimonials, and hundred of scientific geological and technical papers validated the use of Excelerite™ naturally chelated trace minerals that are naturally captured in thousand acres of Lake Bottom ( lacustrine ) sedimentary Montmorillonite clay strata located in Panaca, Nevada, U.S.A. This 100% natural Excelerite™ product is uniquely formed over million of years has a perfect ph ( 6.7  – 7.3 ) balance and mineral molecular structure.


Benefits of using Excelerite™

Whenever Excelerite™ is ingested by humans, fed to animals, or spread on plants and trees each form of life immediately becomes healthier with the plants and animals producing more of what we eat; food that is full of all the needed nutrients and minerals necessary for sustaining optimal health.

Furthermore, Excelerite™ product is used to re-mineralizes the soil, strengthens the root system of the crop, thereby increasing Carbon Sequestration and making the crop healthier and able to withstand the stress associated with disease and weather, including extreme temperature and water variations. Excelerite™ fulfills the Genetic Elemental Uptake Permission ( GEUP ) for minerals for each individual crop, thereby producing maximum grain size and optimum taste.


Organic certification of Excelerite™

Excelerite™ is approved by the Organic Materials Review Institude ( OMRI ) listed, and may be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program Rule.


Safety standard of Excelerite™

Excelerite™ product line has met the highest standard for material safety handling from MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).


We, at IBA, proudly invite you to further explore this unique Excelerite™ product lines, and how it makes our world better for today and for future generations. Thank you !